Shoe & Cleat Fit £65.00


This service will ensure that you have your cleats fitted and adjusted correctly for comfort, performance and injury prevention. 

Foot stability and comfort will help stabilse the knees, pelvis and lower back and even out the pedal forces on both legs; it will also help to improve pedal technique for better economy and performance. 

Your bike fit Technician will measure the size of your feet, forefoot angle and arch height and advise on the correct shoe design. The cleats will be set in the correct position and adjustments made to ensure optimum performance. Foot-beds can be made for internal support and wedges fitted if required to improve knee tracking and pedalling dynamics. Please bring your bike if you have not already had a bike fit with us.


You will need to bring your own bike or provide us with your measurements so we can see you pedalling and make appropriate adjustments.

On occasions a shoe & cleat appointment may need to be upgraded to a bike fit if other factors are causing issues on the bike

Cycling shoes are meant to conform to your foot with a stiff platform to improve your pedaling efficiency. But without proper foot support, pushing the pedals can take a toll on your feet, sometimes causing pain, pressure, and discomfort.

Lake Raven Insoles composite foot cradle is designed to be reshaped to your foot. The heel cup of the cradle has small slits made around the upper radius to allow the cup to expand for larger sized feet. These slits may or may not be visible after molding. Lake Raven Insoles are compatible with most cycling shoes.

COLORS: Black Price £65.00
SIZE: S(36-39), M(40-43), L(44-46), XL(47-50)