Bike Fit Technology

We use a range of advanced top of the range bike fit technologies in a relaxed, quiet and totally separate environment away from the busy shop downstairs.

Trek Precision Fit Motion Capture

We utilise the highly respected and technical brilliance within the Trek Precision Fit system which helps us calculate the ideal bicycle size and position for each cyclist.

Our bike fitting guru, Denver Collins uses Trek Precision Fit system to help deliver the perfect bike fit for you.  This technology is complementary for all customers purchasing a new bike or using our custom build service.

Denver will precisely determine the eight body dimensions that are key to ensuring a proper fit to suit most styles of bicycle.

  • Height
  • Foot length left
  • Foot length right
  • Inseam
  • Torso length
  • Arm length left
  • Arm length right
  • Shoulder width

Using these dimensions along with his in depth bike fitting knowledge, we can ensure that your new or existing bicycle is the ideal fit...for you!

The model of shoe (sole thickness), pedal (height) and type of saddle are also taken into account when setting up the bike.

Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis

The human eye can comprehend approximately 17 frames per second, and is unable to catch many of the smallest motions made on the bike. Precision Fit employs a 60 frame per second Motion Capture Camera to identify the subtlest intricacies of your pedal stroke and positioning. Coupled with analysis software, the images this camera provides are compared against a desired set of angular norms and ranges to identify inconsistencies. By utilizing this high-speed video, technicians are able to conduct an analysis of your biomechanics and movement that simply could not be done as thoroughly with the naked eye.

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