Custom Build

There are plenty of good reasons why customers considering a new bike should consider a custom build. Why settle for off-the-rack when you can specify every part of the bike to suits your tastes, desires, whims and budget?

The most convenient way to buy a new bike is to choose from the huge range of factory-built bikes offered by dozens of brands. These off-the-rack packages offer great value for customers, especially those who are relatively new to the sport. However, the buyer doesn’t usually get much say in the selection of componentry such as the groupset or wheels, or indeed the colour of the bike, though it is possible to make minor changes before the bike leaves the store.

At the other end of the spectrum, custom builds allow buyers to tailor the bike to suits their every need. Starting with a good frameset the final result can be as stunning as it is unique. The buyer decides on the priority for the build–be it the latest technology, aerodynamics, weight, value for money, or even a specific era–and then selects each part accordingly. Often, the buyer doesn’t have a clear idea on how the bike will look other than their vision for the final build. The whole process takes a leap of faith, not to mention a fair measure of time and effort, but it’s an act of creation that offers immense rewards for the owner. 

At Panagua Bikes we can take some of the angst out of this process by not just building your dream bike but also giving you our honest and expert opinion on the best combination of componentry to meet your needs and where appropriate source each individual item – often saving customers hundreds of pounds by avoiding those “online bargains” that aren’t quite what they seem…

If you already have some componentry (including a cherished frame) we are very happy to work with you to source the remaining components and assist with the build. 

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