Bike Fit Testimonials

Real testimonials from real bike fit customers - We could bang on all day about what a great service we provide but it's much better to hear what our customers have to say, here's a selection of their comments. 


"I feel stronger on my bike:"

So I visited Denver at Panagua Bikes for bike fit, after having numerous fittings over the years and having spent hundreds of pounds elsewhere and still not having some of my core issues addressed I thought I would book in to see Denver after he was recommended to me. Denver talks a lot about biomechanic bike fitting, this is how he approaches how you function on the bike. The first thing you notice is Denver is really ‘in’ to biomechanics and has a great way of explaining how everything is interconnected so even the layman can understand. Denver spent over an hour measuring and test my flexibility and quickly identified a couple of key areas that was causing me issues. He easily translated this to my bike and in a few moments I feel more comfortable and Denver confirms from foot to waste I'm much more aligned and my main issues have pretty much been corrected and biomechanically I’m now not putting undue strain on my knees and hips. This sounds great but the proof is in the puddling as they say - I can honestly say that I can’t remember the last time I felt so comfy on a bike, a 80 mile ride at the weekend confirms this. I‘ve seen a lot of fitters over the years promising to resolve my issues and paid good money on computer fits, pressure mapping etc but none have delivered results like this. I cannot recommend Denver enough, he could well be the game changer you need this year to enjoy your cycling more, I also feel stronger on the bike which with my race season just starting can only be good thing.

Paul Clousdale


"...The changes have been subtle but huge for my riding"

Some weeks ago I like so many of you had Denver give me the benefits of his bike fitting skills.

I asked Denver to make me go faster.....he said he could not guarantee doing that but he could make me go further. Well actually he has helped with both and my knee, back and neck pains have gone even after 85 mile. Really good thing considering the challenge I have ahead if me in a few weeks.

Throughout my life time of riding I have had quite a few bike fits and many an experienced cyclists advice passed my way. I've even put some into practice. "Tape a screwdriver under your seat and that will straighten your seated position up" one guy did work but I also got a whole in my shorts.

Thankfully Denver didn't suggests anything so radical.

The changes have been subtle but huge for my riding. Denver listened to what issues I was having and addressed them. He also listened to me and did not just work with his vast knowledge of biomechanics. He got me set up in a riding position that was right for me and not what the book or computor says.

Dr Denver...... Panagua Bikes thanks.

If you haven't had a bike fit before then I strongly recommend one and Denver's all round knowledge and relaxed approach will help to make the experience a great one.

Thanks again Denver

Mhairi Furtado


"...Denver really is a Jedi Master (of bike fitting)"

In the murky, dark arts of bike fitting where a degree here, a millimetre there or even a spacer under your cleat means the difference between that 'new bike feeling', 'Strava KOM' or podium place then Denver really is a Jedi Master.

The current trend of number crunching bike fits is touched upon and then expanded to account for your own goals, physical needs and limitations. Denver completes his extensive and very thorough bike fit with great personality making you feel relaxed, well informed and educated throughout.

All in all I came away having learnt much but more importantly with that 'new bike feeling' which has since seen an improvement in my performance and results. Denver trust him we must!

Toby Willis


"All the way from Australia"

After years of continual lower back problems from riding I was introduced to Denver Collins to undertake a professional bike fit. What a difference? No more back issues, more comfort and more power; it’s like turning back the aging clock.

Denver’s knowledge of body physiology and body mechanics gives him the edge as a bike fitter. His approach is personalised to account for individual flexibility and body shape. This is of course combined with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about bike mechanics, bike components and cycling generally.

Denver is also a great person to spend time with making the fitting process both educational and enjoyable.

Trevor Bolland

Founder and CEO, Nuzest Life Pty Ltd

Sydney, Australia

Trevor Bolland


"Strongly Recommend"

I would like to highly recommend Denver Collins to anybody who is looking to be more comfortable and efficient riding their bike.

I have been using and consulting Denver on any issues regarding my riding position for at least four years now and cannot praise him highly enough, one of Denvers many quality's is to use his eyes and knowledge of the body to assist in his fitting procedures, it's not all about measurements (although necessary)

The great news is that Denver is now working at Panagua Bikes in Hayes which is local for me as I've always travelled to Central and South London to see him.

Den Montgomery
Bigfoot CC.
Den Montgomery


"Significant improvement from the very first ride:"

I have 2 bikes and both of them have been professionally fitted by Denver. Right from the first ride after the fit out, I noticed a significant improvement in my ride performance. I also had an annoying pain in my left knee which never came back. Both my bikes now feel extremely comfortable during long riders (100+ miles).

Denver is very meticulous and an expert in his field. He's also a great human being.

I highly recommend his work as a bio-mechanic / bike fitting expert.

Rakesh Kshatriya


"Improved in power and efficiency:"

I've had bike fittings with Denver for both my Road bike and my TT bike, he has a wealth of knowledge and provides a fantastic service. It has addressed a couple of niggles and improved my performance and comfort in the saddle. I feel I have improved in power and efficiency and would high recommend to any cyclist. 

Gary Bull


"Just my thoughts on the bike fit process:"

I had been riding my bikes for a few years and was always a bit unconvinced of how a bike fit would change my riding in any shape or form. So when I asked Denver what he thought of why one of my shoes rubbed on the crank and not the other Denver took the time and thankless task of looking at my feet/shoe and cleat set up. So after an hour or more of new shoe inserts, cleat spacers and line laser checking knee orientation I was finished or so
I thought . Fast forward to the next weeks of riding and I had far less pain in my knees than normal. It was at this point I realised I should have the full bike fit. So back in shop, more tests were done flexibility, range of movement, old injuries, strength and weaknesses of my cycling posture and what I wanted to achieve out of the final fit. On and off the bike and lots
of small tweaks were done and culminated in a new in line seat post to help my tight hamstrings a different stem length and reduced stack height at the front. The last two went completely against what I thought would help me. The bike feels like I sit in it rather than on top of it. Denver did warn me that it would take a few rides to let my body fully adjust to the new position. So I have been riding the bike in its new configuration for four months plus, unfortunately I have not found the 200 watts plus performance increase that I asked for but I have a much more comfortable position, less fatigue, no knee pain and a position that allows me to put the power through the bike without having to adjust my riding position . This has become so comfortable that when I went out on my old faithful winter bike that used to nice and upright and relaxing to ride it was painful and required a lot more effort to ride. Back to Panagua to set up the bike as per the data sheet from the first bike fitting. I don't use a power meter and only have a heart monitor to let me know when I'm dying but I could tell straight away that my body felt happy again on the way home. Sometimes we (me) spend way to much time and or money on bike bits but I have to say the money and time invested on the bike fit works out way cheaper and gives better results than a hell of a lot of other things I have tried. The best bonus of the fit is it's on going value, any new bike can be accommodated and any new parts can be bought knowing it will fit me as I have the data to reference it. Thanks to Denver and all at Panagua for the time and patience, this service is not available online. 

Duncan Benfield


Excellent service

Hi Denver, 

I am just having a cup of tea mid ride on my first run out (30 miles)with the new fit. I have to say the difference is night and day. I thought I was roughing ok on the bike before but you really have unleashed my inner power and importantly released pretty much all of the comfort issues I have suffered with for years. 
I am massively pleased so thank you very much indeed. 
I am considering a new saddle so will be in touch for some guidance on that. I will also be in for a pre- Alps tune up and bar tape change, so perhaps a new saddle could be set up then. 
Excellent service. Thanks you again !