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The difference between men & women

The pelvis of men and women differ due to the fact that women’s pelvis need to be able to facilitate giving birth. Statistics proven over the years show that the sitbone distance in men lies between 6 cm and 16 cm and in women between 9 cm and 17 cm.
The previously rarely considered anatomical difference of women’s generally lower positioned pubic bone arch often leads to high pressure experienced on the saddle nose.

There are many women with a narrow sitbone distance and many men with a large sitbone distance. A  sitbone measurement performed by a trained staff simplifies the correct saddle selection. The lowered saddle nose relieves the typical problem zone of men, the perineal area and about 2 cm further forward the pressure point between the female pubic bone and saddle nose. (The difference between men and women with only just 2 cm is much smaller than often assumed.)



  • Interview
  • Standing Pelvic Posture Observation
  • Pelvic Flexibility Observation
  • Sit Bone Measurement 

    You will spend approximately 1 hours with our fit technician. Bring your existing bike to have a full assessment of your optimal bike position whilst on our turbo trainer.

    We have saddles from Bontrager, Selle Italia, Gebiomized and Fizik saddles in our store.

    Saddle comfort can be affected by incorrect bike set-up, badly fitting shoes and pedalling technique. if you haven't had a thorough bike fit we would recommend a full assessment to eliminate any issues and improve your riding experience.

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