Orla and Skye have been racing at Lee Valley!

April 16 2017

Orla and Skye have recently been racing in the CC Hackney Primavera 2017 series at Lee Valley Velopark, enjoying the sunny weather, battling the wind and raking in some great results between them in Panagua colours!
Lee Valley Race report: Race 1 in the series. 8th April
Today was a fun race; it was a sunny and warm day. This was
the first time that I had ridden at the Lee Valley Velopark. I
enjoyed the race and wanted to have a good start, I tried my
very hardest and finished second in the under 8 girls race.
Lee Valley Race report: Race 2 in the series. 15th April
My race was very fun. There were some hills that were quite
hard, but I rode up them. I liked my course. It was challenging
today because it was so windy, but I still came first in the under 8
girl's race. It was really nice riding at Lee Valley and I’m looking
forward to going back in May for race number 3.
Race 1 in the series. 8th April
I was more confident at this race because there were
more people of my ability. My race plan was to stick in
the main group for two laps, but I felt more confident
so I stayed there throughout the whole race. It is
much easier working in a group than working on your
own because you are sheltered from the wind. I really
enjoyed this race and feel much more confident with
racing now.
Lee Valley Race Report 2 in the series 15th April
Today was my second race at Lee Valley. Unlike last time, it
was rather windy and I was glad to be working in a group. I
was getting all the shelter from the wind and that was very
important. A sprint was used to finish off the race. Like last
time, I came 3 girl. I really enjoyed this race.

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