Muc Off How To Clean Your Bike

 Muc Off is  obsessed with making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your bikes running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done!

 Three steps on how to Clean, Protect and Lube your Bike


Step 1

  1.  Spray drive-train cleaner onto chain and cogs.
  2.  Deep cleanse your chain using the X-3 dirty chain machine.
  3.  Pre-wet bike.
  4.  Completely coat the bike with nano tech bike cleaner, make sure the bike is out of   direct sunlight.
  5.  Agitate extra grimey areas with brushes.
  6.  Wait 3-5 minutes for Muc Off to work to work its magic.
  7.  Rinse the whole bike being careful not to blast delicate areas e.g bearings.
  8.  Clean your disc brakes, pads and wipe away the excess residue.


Step 2

  1.  Apply bike protect to your frame for a protective P.T.F.P finish. Avoid braking   surface.
  2.  For matt finish use matt finish detailer to protect and quickly detail your frame. Wipe   off excess residue.
  3.  Spray M094 over your cassette and chain to drive out moisture. Avoid braking   surfaces!
  4.  Apply silicone shine to fork stanchions and rear shock for smooth suspensions.   Avoid braking surfaces!
  5.  Wipe off excess residue.
  6.  Apply miracle shinefor a high gloss shine and long lasting protection.
  7.  Wait 10 minutes and buff off.
  8.  Carbon components ? use carbon gripper, and use bio grease for your bearings   moving parts and cables.


Step 3

  1.  Which lube does my bike needs?
  2.  Hydrodynamic chain lube for professionals racing in all conditions.
  3.  C3  ceramic wet weather racing lube.
  4.  Dry weather conditions bio lube.
  5.  Wet weather conditions bio lube.
  6.  Rotate pedals backwards and apply chosen lube to each link.
  7.  Wait 15 minutes before riding or leave overnight for best results.