Electric Demo Bikes

January 16 2018

Electric Bikes

Why ride an electric bike?

There are a lot of reasons to ride an e-bike. Sometimes you’ll ride for fun, and sometimes you just have to get from A to B. Electric bicycles offer unique solutions to the challenges of commuting by bike. On- or off-road, they’re perfect for those who want to climb for a bit longer, adventure a bit further or just get there a bit faster. 



                                          TM1+ Lowstep                                                                     Powerfly 7 FS Plus


These rides are all about possibility. Only e-bikes offer the flexibility to get in a workout, ride with a faster friend, haul a heavy load or simply cruise. Even if your ride varies from day to day, an electric bicycle always gives you the option to do and experience more.


Can I try out an E-bike today?

We now stock 2 electric E-bikes for demo purposes, we have both a hybrid and a full suspension. To try out instore, just call us on 02082897802 and pop by with a proof of identity. 


Hows the ride? 

Trek e-bikes simply amplify your pedaling effort. They pedal like a regular bike, but the wind is always at your back and hills melt away.


Whats the best part about an E-bike?

Electric bikes break down barriers to riding. Most importantly, they are incredibly fun. Ride farther, see more, and explore the possibilities that come with a little extra power.






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