Stages Power Meters (as used by Team Sky) – Hire or Try Before You Buy

July 24 2015

Hire for only £30 per month (first months hire refunded if you buy)

Given the technology available for us to splurge our money on, sorry, to invest in, it’s understandable that some of us might approach new technologies and theories of training, diet and nutrition with a degree of suspicion.

It’s sometimes hard to trust a salesman, a sponsored pro or, indeed, someone who has just forked out several hundred quid on a piece of equipment for an unbiased opinion. Frankly, if I had just spent a four-figure sum on a new piece of gear I’m not sure I’d put my hand up and say ‘it’s utter bobbins’! After all, who wants to look like a sucker who has just spent a packet on a flashy but pointless purchase?

And one of the greatest temptations with the biggest price tag are power meters. If you’re really ‘into’ cycling then you can’t possibly have escaped these devices and the claims made for their efficacy when it comes to improving your fitness and strength.

We’ve now been using and selling Stages Power Meters (as used by Team Sky) for a couple of years and have seen some significant improvements in performance for those riders training with them regularly. However, even at the entry price of £599 (£540 for local cycle club members and £525 for members of Panagua.CC) it can still seem like a big gamble for those new to training with Power.

So for only £30 per month, you can now hire the Stages Power Meter units from us. Whether you want to use it for a few months while training for a specific event or just try one to see what all the fuss is about you can now do so cost effectively.

What’s more, if you hire a unit and then decide you want to buy one we’ll credit the first months hire charge against the cost of the new unit.

The Stages Power crank is very quick and easy to fit simply by swapping out your left crank arm with the stages unit. We can do this in the shop for you and it only takes a few minutes. It then syncronises with most of the popular cycle computers such as Garmin to give you real time data whilst you train.

We’ve got hire models to fit most groupsets so if you’re interested just email or call the shop for more details.

Why train with Power?

At a stroke, instead of riding within a certain heart rate zone, you find yourself working in defined power zones. The ‘joy’ of power is that, unlike your heart rate, it doesn’t drift or fluctuate as much, from one day to the next or even on longer rides.

The effort you produce to see a heart rate of 170bpm might vary from day to day. The real effort required – irrespective of heart rate – to press on the pedals and generate 230 watts is the same no matter where or when.

Additionally, short interval training efforts of anything from six seconds up to two minutes per effort, become targeted and tailored. As any of us who have tried to carry out short-duration but high-intensity intervals based on heart rate knows, your heart rate takes time to rise, long after the minute when your legs have started squealing in complaint.

That’s no longer an issue when training with power – the reading on your screen tells you within a few pedal revs whether or not you are ‘hitting the numbers.’


Useful Links for training with Power

There are loads of articles out on the internet dedicated to training with Power Meters. Below are a few of the more useful links:

TrainingPeak's "How to Start Training with Power" - really useful introduction on how to train using Power

Why train with Power?

Three training sessions to improve your... Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

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