• Wheels at Panagua Bikes November 23 2017

    Give your bike a fresh new look with a set of wheels from Panagua Bikes.

    Why new wheels?

    1. They can instantly transform the look of your bike!
    2. You’ll go faster, opting for a lighter pair of wheels will give you that extra push up the hills!
    3. Go faster still! Opting for a pair of aerodynamic wheels will catapult you down your favourite Strava segment compared to the stock wheels that might have come with your bike.
    4. Bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a change in ride quality, a new wheelset is the most cost effective way to do so.
    5. Go Tubeless with the new range of Mavic wheels. Less weight, less punctures, less worry.

    Why buy from Panagua Bikes?

    1. We're price competitive, seen them cheaper somewhere else? Get in touch with our friendly team who'll be happy to help.
    2. We have a great range of wheels, starting from £160 a pair.
    3. Experienced advice and guidance, not quite sure which wheelset you'll get the best use and benefit from? We can help find 
    4. Warranty with us is super easy! In the unlikely scenario you find something wrong with your purchase, we're here to help, in person, so you can get the best possible service.
    5. You'll be supporting your local bike shop and community, supporting us means that down the line if your wheels get buckled, we'll be here to true them, that's something online retailers can't do.
  • Muc Off How To Clean Your Bike November 02 2017

     Muc Off is  obsessed with making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your bikes running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done!

     Three steps on how to Clean, Protect and Lube your Bike


    Step 1

    1.  Spray drive-train cleaner onto chain and cogs.
    2.  Deep cleanse your chain using the X-3 dirty chain machine.
    3.  Pre-wet bike.
    4.  Completely coat the bike with nano tech bike cleaner, make sure the bike is out of   direct sunlight.
    5.  Agitate extra grimey areas with brushes.
    6.  Wait 3-5 minutes for Muc Off to work to work its magic.
    7.  Rinse the whole bike being careful not to blast delicate areas e.g bearings.
    8.  Clean your disc brakes, pads and wipe away the excess residue.


    Step 2

    1.  Apply bike protect to your frame for a protective P.T.F.P finish. Avoid braking   surface.
    2.  For matt finish use matt finish detailer to protect and quickly detail your frame. Wipe   off excess residue.
    3.  Spray M094 over your cassette and chain to drive out moisture. Avoid braking   surfaces!
    4.  Apply silicone shine to fork stanchions and rear shock for smooth suspensions.   Avoid braking surfaces!
    5.  Wipe off excess residue.
    6.  Apply miracle shinefor a high gloss shine and long lasting protection.
    7.  Wait 10 minutes and buff off.
    8.  Carbon components ? use carbon gripper, and use bio grease for your bearings   moving parts and cables.


    Step 3

    1.  Which lube does my bike needs?
    2.  Hydrodynamic chain lube for professionals racing in all conditions.
    3.  C3  ceramic wet weather racing lube.
    4.  Dry weather conditions bio lube.
    5.  Wet weather conditions bio lube.
    6.  Rotate pedals backwards and apply chosen lube to each link.
    7.  Wait 15 minutes before riding or leave overnight for best results. 

  • Ideas for Zwift October 17 2017


    To use Zwift, you put your bike on a turbo trainer, you link up your turbo trainer (or ANT+ devices on your bike such as a speed/cadence sensor or a power meter) to your computer, and you ride online courses – against other people if you like.

    What is Zwift?

    Zwift is a turbo trainer game that enables you to link you turbo trainer up your computer, your iPad and iPhone, letting you ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment, therefore helping to alleviate some of the boredom associated with indoor riding.

    What are the computer requirements for Zwift?

    Of course apart from the turbo trainer you’re going to need a computer on which to play the game. The minimum computer requirements for Zwift are as follows:

    • OS: Windows 7 x64 bit, OSX 10.7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Graphics: 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5
    • Hard Drive: 4GB of free space

    However it’s important to note that those are the minimum requirements, and Zwift would recommend that you have 8GB of memory and a 2GB dedicated GPU if you want to play the game and see the virtual worlds in all their glory.

    iOS version

    In September 2016 Zwift launched its iOS beta version available for iPad and iPhone, while the app will fully launch by the end of the year.

    What equipment do I need?

    First, you need a computer (or an iOS device) and an internet connection, and you obviously need your bike and a turbo trainer.



    You can use any turbo trainer if you have a power meter on your bike. If you don’t have a power meter, you need a speed sensor on your bike that transmits using the ANT+ protocol.

    Gear Guide

    • BASIC : Classic Turbo Trainer & Speed Sensor

    The Basic set-up is the most cost effective option making it perfect for the rider who is new to cycling  or on a budget. 

    • FLEXIBLE : Classic Turbo Trainer & Power Meter

    The Flexible set-up is ideal for the rider who already owns a power meter for out door rides but doesn't have an indoor trainer

    • PREMIUM : Smart Turbo Trainer 

    This set-up changes your resistance in real time based on road gradient and is ideal for the riders that wants the most immersive experience. 

    Once you’ve worked your way through the different types of turbo trainers to establish what gear you need, examples of products are below:



    1.  A laptop, computer or tablet devices compatible with USB

    2. An ANT+USB dongle


    3.  The Zwift software available from

    4.  A bike (yes, really!)


  • Cyclocross Guide September 05 2017


    What is cyclocross? 

    Like triathlon, cyclocross mixes multiple athletic endeavours, namely riding and running, with a strong emphasis on skilful bike handling.

    The pace, barriers, climate and technical aspects of the course weed out the weak and make for good theatre. Spectators with horns and cowbells provide a festival environment, especially in Europe.

    Most races are held on 1km to 3km courses, mixing tarmac, sand, dirt, mud, run-ups and sometimes steps. Races typically last a set timespan — between 30 minutes and an hour — plus a final lap. However, if you're lapped by the leaders then you have to pull out at the end of that lap to avoid confusion.

    The pace at the sharp end is unrelenting and brutally fast, and the stop-go nature of the courses and racing mean you get an intense workout.


    Cyclocross equipment

    With muddy conditions, intense levels of activity, and plenty of dismounting and remounting of the bike, there's a whole raft of kit that is either designed specifically for cyclocross or is popular with 'cross racers. 

    However, for most beginners the cycling kit you already have is good enough, though we wouldn't recommend bringing a high-end carbon road bike to races as you'll end up trashing it.

    Some race series though are fine with regular road bikes (with knobbly tyres added) and even hybrid and mountain bikes. Check with the organisers to make sure

    1. Cyclocross bikes

    The ideal cyclocross race bike is a road/mountain bike cross-pollination: lightweight aluminum, carbon, steel or titanium frame; carbon fork; drop bars (for leverage on climbs, and for sprinting); integrated shifters/brake levers; 700c x 30–38c (1.2–1.5in) knobby tyres; mountain bike clipless pedals; and a double or single chainring (smaller than on a road bike) with guard.

    Mud clearance is a big issue; the fork and rear stays need room for mud to build up on the tyres without clogging.


    Frames and forks are tougher than on standard road bikes, top tubes are shorter and bottom brackets are often slightly higher.

    Disc brakes are very popular for cyclocross racing giving powerful all-weather braking. Some racers still use linear-pull (V) brakes or cantilevers, which still offer  plenty of power when set up right. Top-bar brake levers are often added for better control.

    Many cyclocross bikes play to their utility potential, with mudguard and rack mounts for commuting/weekend exploring work. There's also a growing number of crossover-style bikes, which trade race weight and jarring rigidity for a heavier and more forgiving chassis, often in smooth-riding steel.

    2. Cyclocross shoes and pedals

    Had you picked up on the fact that there tends to be a whole lot of mud at 'cross races? While it's very much part of the scene, it can catch in the cleats and moving parts of your clipless pedals and gum up the works. 

    This means that most cyclocross racers will tend to opt for mountain bike style cleat and pedal systems, as they are designed to cope with mucky conditions and keep working. Popular choices are Shimano SPD pedals, Crank Brothers Candy and Speedplay Syzr. 

    Similarly, mountain bike shoes are a popular choice, as they tend to have lugs and sometimes spikes that help grip the ground for any running sections that crop up.

    3. Cyclocross clothing and kit

    Because cyclocross races are short and sharp, and despite the fact they take place in winter, you don't need to worry so much about getting cold. Regular cycle kit should be fine, but don't forget all that mud — your best club ride kit might not be the best choice. 

    With that in mind, make sure you have something warm to wear when you arrive and as you warm up, and something dry and warm to get changed into after the race.


    Explore our cyclocross range

  • Hot Cross Buns Ride 2017 - A Personal Thank You! April 22 2017

    I just wanted to personally thank everyone involved in the Hot Cross Buns ride raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society yesterday.


  • Orla and Skye have been racing at Lee Valley! April 16 2017

    Orla and Skye have recently been racing in the CC Hackney Primavera 2017 series at Lee Valley Velopark, enjoying the sunny weather, battling the wind and raking in some great results between them in Panagua colours!
    Lee Valley Race report: Race 1 in the series. 8th April
    Today was a fun race; it was a sunny and warm day. This was
    the first time that I had ridden at the Lee Valley Velopark. I
    enjoyed the race and wanted to have a good start, I tried my
    very hardest and finished second in the under 8 girls race.
    Lee Valley Race report: Race 2 in the series. 15th April
    My race was very fun. There were some hills that were quite
    hard, but I rode up them. I liked my course. It was challenging
    today because it was so windy, but I still came first in the under 8
    girl's race. It was really nice riding at Lee Valley and I’m looking
    forward to going back in May for race number 3.
    Race 1 in the series. 8th April
    I was more confident at this race because there were
    more people of my ability. My race plan was to stick in
    the main group for two laps, but I felt more confident
    so I stayed there throughout the whole race. It is
    much easier working in a group than working on your
    own because you are sheltered from the wind. I really
    enjoyed this race and feel much more confident with
    racing now.
    Lee Valley Race Report 2 in the series 15th April
    Today was my second race at Lee Valley. Unlike last time, it
    was rather windy and I was glad to be working in a group. I
    was getting all the shelter from the wind and that was very
    important. A sprint was used to finish off the race. Like last
    time, I came 3 girl. I really enjoyed this race.
  • Cyclist Mag reviews the Felt FR2! Available at Panagua Bikes March 04 2017

    "Just as the F1 did, the FR2 handles accurately and delivers power effectively, yet it also offers a level of comfort that ensures the road buzz never distracts the rider from focusing on the ride." - Cyclist Magazine

    Check out the full review here!


    The FR2 available at Panagua Bikes




  • HOT CROSS BUNS RIDE 2017 – ENTRIES NOW OPEN! February 08 2017

    In Aid of the Alzheimer's Society

  • Tacx Turbo Trainers February 06 2016

    Kick start your season with Tacx

    Tacx Neo

  • Home Delivery & Collection on Bike Servicing January 01 2016

  • Christmas Opening Hours December 22 2015

    A massive thank you to everyone that's supported us this year and hope you all have a great break over the festive period.  For anyone needing our services our opening hours are as follows: 

    Wednesday 23rd                9am-3pm

    Christmas Eve                   9am-12pm

    Christmas Day                   Closed

    Boxing Day                        Closed

    Sunday 27th                       11am-4pm

    Monday 28th                      9am-6pm

    Tuesday 29th                      11am-8pm

    Wednesday 30th                 9am-6pm

    New Years Eve                   9am-12pm

    New Years Day                   Closed


    January 2nd                           Normal opening hours resume…

  • Stages Power Meters (as used by Team Sky) – Hire or Try Before You Buy July 24 2015

    Hire for only £30 per month (first months hire refunded if you buy)

    Given the technology available for us to splurge our money on, sorry, to invest in, it’s understandable that some of us might approach new technologies and theories of training, diet and nutrition with a degree of suspicion.

    It’s sometimes hard to trust a salesman, a sponsored pro or, indeed, someone who has just forked out several hundred quid on a piece of equipment for an unbiased opinion. Frankly, if I had just spent a four-figure sum on a new piece of gear I’m not sure I’d put my hand up and say ‘it’s utter bobbins’! After all, who wants to look like a sucker who has just spent a packet on a flashy but pointless purchase?

    And one of the greatest temptations with the biggest price tag are power meters. If you’re really ‘into’ cycling then you can’t possibly have escaped these devices and the claims made for their efficacy when it comes to improving your fitness and strength.

    We’ve now been using and selling Stages Power Meters (as used by Team Sky) for a couple of years and have seen some significant improvements in performance for those riders training with them regularly. However, even at the entry price of £599 (£540 for local cycle club members and £525 for members of Panagua.CC) it can still seem like a big gamble for those new to training with Power.

    So for only £30 per month, you can now hire the Stages Power Meter units from us. Whether you want to use it for a few months while training for a specific event or just try one to see what all the fuss is about you can now do so cost effectively.

    What’s more, if you hire a unit and then decide you want to buy one we’ll credit the first months hire charge against the cost of the new unit.

    The Stages Power crank is very quick and easy to fit simply by swapping out your left crank arm with the stages unit. We can do this in the shop for you and it only takes a few minutes. It then syncronises with most of the popular cycle computers such as Garmin to give you real time data whilst you train.

    We’ve got hire models to fit most groupsets so if you’re interested just email or call the shop for more details.

    Why train with Power?

    At a stroke, instead of riding within a certain heart rate zone, you find yourself working in defined power zones. The ‘joy’ of power is that, unlike your heart rate, it doesn’t drift or fluctuate as much, from one day to the next or even on longer rides.

    The effort you produce to see a heart rate of 170bpm might vary from day to day. The real effort required – irrespective of heart rate – to press on the pedals and generate 230 watts is the same no matter where or when.

    Additionally, short interval training efforts of anything from six seconds up to two minutes per effort, become targeted and tailored. As any of us who have tried to carry out short-duration but high-intensity intervals based on heart rate knows, your heart rate takes time to rise, long after the minute when your legs have started squealing in complaint.

    That’s no longer an issue when training with power – the reading on your screen tells you within a few pedal revs whether or not you are ‘hitting the numbers.’


    Useful Links for training with Power

    There are loads of articles out on the internet dedicated to training with Power Meters. Below are a few of the more useful links:

    TrainingPeak's "How to Start Training with Power" - really useful introduction on how to train using Power

    Why train with Power?

    Three training sessions to improve your... Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

    Stages vs Vector S long-term power meter test

    Stages Cycling

  • Ever wondered how a Colnago C60 or V1-R rides? May 02 2015

    Colnago Demo Fleet

    Exclusively Available at Panagua Bikes from 6th to 14th May

  • Look Bikes - Free trials of full range! April 02 2015

    We've been lucky enough to secure the UK demo fleet of Look bikes for next week so if you've ever wondered how well they ride nows your chance to find out!

  • Second Hand Kids Bikes Needed March 19 2015

    Bromley Trust Academy is an Alternative Provision in Orpington with students between the ages of 6-12. Many of the children taught there have been excluded from mainstream education due to their specific needs relating to Social, Emotional and Mental Health.
  • Refer a friend and save 50% OFF your next Bike Service March 06 2015

    We really love it when our friends tell us about an experience they’ve enjoyed – so why not start referring your friends and colleagues to Panagua Bikes? All new customers* you refer will benefit from 50% off their first bike service. And as a thank you, for each new customer* you refer we'll give you 50% off your next service as well.

  • Final discounts on in stock turbo trainers! January 28 2015

  • Reasons to Shop Small December 05 2014

    Forget the early-morning pushing and shoving in a crowd. Sleep in, meet for breakfast at a local, independent cafe, then go shopping in your small friendly stores.

  • Team Sky sticks with Stages power meters for 2015 December 04 2014

    "Stages has proven to be a great partner, with a great power meter that meets the needs of cyclists at all levels – from the amateur enthusiast who wishes to use power data to better inform and refine their training, to catering for the demands at the highest level of professional road cycling."
  • New shop jerseys now in! December 03 2014

    Limited stock so if you like them be quick!
  • Store now open 7 days! December 01 2014

    This new schedule comes into effect on 1st December 2014.  Cycling is a 7-day-a-week passion, and we want Panagua Bikes to be accessible whenever riders have the urge or need for our services.

  • Bigfoot CC Charity Auction in aid of NAPAC November 30 2014

    We are proud to be supporting Bigfoot CC with their Christmas Auction in aid of NAPAC. We've helped put together an amazing set of auction items that are just not normally available to members of the public. All the profits raised will benefit our chosen charity NAPAC – The National Association For People Abused in Childhood.
  • Interest Free Credit now available August 11 2014

    Panagua Bikes is now offering finance options with facilities provided by V12 Finance. These enable you to apply for Interest Free Finance and get a decision in minutes.
  • Garmin Edge 1000 - now in stock! May 26 2014

    Brand new for 2014, Garmin have launched the phenomenal Garmin Edge 1000, the most powerful, advanced GPS unit the American navigational specialists have ever produced.
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